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SKART participating in WAITING IN THE WINGS at Artspace Rondeel Masstricht, Holland


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POSTED 4: Private TALK – PUBLIC Space – Call for submissions


To the future or to the past, to a time when thought is free, when men are different from one another and do not live alone — to a time when truth exists and what is done cannot be undone: From the age of uniformity, from the age of solitude, from the age of Big Brother, from the age of doublethink — greetings!
– George Orwell, ‘1984’

SKART (Cork artist collaboration) invites proposals for a new poster project to run for two months on hoardings on Cornmarket st, Cork City, marking the redevelopment of St. Peter’s Market (The former Bodega)

The building was originally a sister to the ‘English Market’, and was known locally as ‘the Irish Market’. It has seen many uses since first opening in 1843.

Now, St. Peters Market is being redeveloped as a Public space under it’s original name, to be an arena of discussion, to connect people to a time when talk was the focal point to meeting; harking back to the early 20th century literary cafes of Paris, Prague, and even London where revolution, politics and ideas of the avant garde were developed. Maybe also lamenting the neglect of the intellect of an earlier generation by their oppressors, content to control not connect. And the dominance of market forces in shaping our culture and society.

This project invites artists of all disciplines to respond these ideas through image or text works.

10 proposals will be printed up to A0 size, a further selection will be projected inside the venue on its Opening Night, with all submissions displayed on the webpage. Proposals must be available in high resolution, ready to be emailed or sent on CD (there will be a few days only between selection and our date with the printers).

No text or logos will be added to the submitted artwork.

Submissions by email to:
DEADLINE for poster proposal selection: FRIDAY 27th February, 5pm
Artists will be notified of decision by MONDAY 2nd March
Selected Artwork must be delivered, print ready, by email or posted no later than Friday 6th March

Submissions arriving after this date will still be considered for the projection reel, and will be added to the website.

SKART have been invited to programme this project as part of a series of art projects during the renovation of St. Peter’s Market.


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For this project, SKART (a Cork-based artist collaboration) has invited 4 Irish artists, 4 Oland-based artists, and a Danish artist to make and present work in, around, or about the Öland landscape, during February, 2008. The artists will be based in Sattra on the island of Öland, Sweden from 18th -29th February, and will present their work in two events – first in/around Yellow Box Art & Music Centre, Sattra, Sweden on 28th February then in the Cork Artists Collective “Guesthouse” , Cork City, Ireland three weeks later. We are interested to explore how the landscape and the people change in response to their environment, and the influence each can have on the other. To read more see: ±PLUS/MINUS

ARTISTS INVOLVED: Helle Kvamme, Kevin Tuohy, Malin Lindmark-Vrijman, Sharon McCarthy, Mathieu Vrijman, Irene Murphy, Kalle Runeson, Kevin Flanagan, Morten Espersen.                                                         Funded by

Arts Council, Ireland



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Call for Submissions for POSTED 3 – future world

POSTED 3 - FutureWorld - Call for Submissions

Click picture for further details.

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SKART presents…

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Sorry for the delay – Images uploading now!

The uploading of images has taken a bit longer than first expected, and as we said all images will be viewable on the web page soon. The final selection is just being processed and artists will be let know the selection for this project in the next day or two.

Sorry again for the delay, and thanks for your patience



Images are being uploaded now, to

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Thanks to all who have submitted for POSTED 1!

SKART would like to thank the 87 artists who have submitted images/texts to our first international poster project. Selection will be taking place during this week, and we will (hopefully) have an answer by May 1st. All the image that have been submitted will be viewable on this site in the next few days, and please feel free to comment on what you think.

Thanks again


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POSTED 3 confirmed for ArtTrail 2007

ArtTrail have confirmed their support for POSTED 3 – to be displayed outdoors in the Shandon area of Cork City during September 2007, as part of the ArtTrail annual event. See for details of past events.

ArtTrail generously supported our first public project – ‘3 Vincents Avenue’ – for the 2006 event, and we are looking forward to developing this new project with them.

POSTED 3 will be a curated installation of 20 images and texts printed as A3 posters, in a similar format to POSTED 1

We have invited artist Mick O’Shea to co-curate this project with us.

More details to follow…

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POSTED 1 – submission deadline 21st April, and selection date

Submission deadline is 21st April, when all submissions will be posted on this blogpage – or a dedicated website if we have been granted funding by then..

A shortlist will be selected by SKART members, which will then be narrowed down to 12 images/texts in collaboration with our co-curators. A final selection will be announced on 1st May, when all artists will be contacted.

The start date for display of the posters is either the 12th or 18th June (to be confirmed) to run for 2 weeks.

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POSTED 1 – an international inter-disciplinary poster project


POSTED 1 will be a curated international poster project of 12 selected artists, presented in June this year in 12 venues across the world simultaneously, and on a project website. Submission will be free, and open to all artists who’s work can be represented in A3 poster format. The website will be the hub of the project: it will include a curated gallery of submissions; documentation from each venue; and a public discussion forum.
For this project we have invited two established professionals also based in Cork to co-curate with us:

Rene Zechlin, (Curator of Exhibitions and Projects, Glucksman Gallery, Cork), Trevor Joyce, (Contemporary Poet, Founder and Chair of SoundEye International Poetry Festival)

This project aims to challenge the increasingly unquestioned commodification of images, writing, and public blank wall space through a temporary installation of posters that are not advertisements. The idea for this project came from a frustration with the lack of motivation among artists to engage with the public outside of the gallery/exhibition space, and how advertisers have appropriated public wall spaces.
In 1960 Paul Goodman (Compulsory Miseducation, Penguin, 1960),
U.S. literary and social critic, argued that
“… when the purpose of advertising was to give information… it was useful to be able to read; when the point of advertising is to create synthetic demand, it is better not to be able to read.”

Could the same be said of visual literacy? When the purpose of images is to stimulate, inspire, inform, challenge, etc. it is useful to recognise and pay attention to the images; when the point of images is purely as an advertising tool (whether for a product or the artist) would it be better to not notice or pay attention?
We want to show this project in social area of multi-disciplinary art venues, because we are interested in bringing art-forms together, and showing work outside the formal gallery space.

POSTED 1 will be presented in two formats – online and as a printed exhibition.
The website ( – under construction) will be the hub of the entire project. It will contain: -information identifying each image in the printed exhibition with the artist who’s work it depicts.
-a gallery of all submissions.
-a forum to facilitate open discussion on the selections and the selection process,
-a gallery documenting each stage of the POSTED project in each host venue, with images taken by the hosts.
– links to participating and selected artists, artists groups, support organisations, gallery spaces.
– links to relevant artists’ networks and resources around the world

To submit an image or text, or for any further information, please email

For POSTED 1 , SKART will be Sharon McCarthy, Kevin Tuohy, Cian McConn

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