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±PLUS/MINUS – In Oland

  • ±Plus/Minus will bring together 4 Irish artists, 4 Oland-based artists, and a Danish artist in Sattra, Oland, Sweden, for 2 weeks in February 2008 to make and present work responding to the surroundings.
  • The project aims to investigate the intrinsic contrasts in our environment, and explore the possibilities that a change of location can bring.

  • ±Plus/Minus will build on the links made through POSTED PROJECT, and is the second project SKART have produced specifically with Yellow Box.
  • A public event on Thursday 28th February in Sattra will mark the end of the two weeks work. You are invited to visit, to see how each artist reacted and responded to the challenge.

For this project, SKART (a Cork-based artist collaboration) has invited 4 Irish artists, 4 Oland-based artists, and a Danish artist to make and present work in, around, or about the Öland landscape, during February, 2008. The artists will be based in Sattra on the island of Öland, Sweden from 18th -29th February, and will present their work in two events – first in/around Yellow Box Art & Music Centre, Sattra, Sweden on 28th February then in the Cork Artists Collective “Guesthouse” , Cork City, Ireland three weeks later. We are interested to explore how the landscape and the people change in response to their environment, and the influence each can have on the other.

‘±’ is a symbol used in science and engineering to show ‘tolerance’ – expected, allowable, or unavoidable variation.

± Plus/Minus will involve two contrasting sets of artists and audiences – to investigate how exposure affects human responses : the Cork-based artists and audience will have little or no prior experience of living or working in the environment in which the work was made, while the Oland-based artists and audience have chosen to live in it. The work will be made and presented in a specific climate and social context, then translated to a more objective setting, isolated from it’s ‘studio’.

± Plus/Minus will continue to build on the links made with SKART’s POSTED PROJECT series. In June 2007, Yellow Box hosted one set of ‘POSTED 1’ – an international Open-Submission curated poster project shown simultaneously in 12 locations worldwide. Following that, SKART made the POSTED 2 project as a site-specific installation around Yellow Box. This was an image of work and studio from 6 urban-based Irish artists taken out of their familiar setting and installed outside in a rural location. ± Plus/Minus developed from POSTED 2 – this time we decided to bring the actual artists!

The nine artists work in a wide range of materials – film, paint, sound, electricity, ceramics, performance, intervention, installation – and will each develop new work during this project. We, SKART, are very excited about the possibilities, and hope you can visit the public event in Sattra on February 28th to see what happened.

SKART Artist Collaboration is a Cork City-based group founded in 2006 who aim to develop and support artist-led projects in Ireland and abroad. SKART projects aim to be a collaboration between artists, public, and venue.

Artist involved are:

Helle Kvamme, Irene Murphy, Malin Lindmark-Vrijman,Kev Flanagan, Mathieu Vrijman, Morten Espersen,
Sharon McCarthy, Kalle Runeson, Kevin Tuohy
±PLUS/MINUS - study work by Kevin Tuohy

Morten Espersen -  Clothes-peg made of wood from the tree

Ice stack - experiment for ±Plus/Minus

                                                                                                                                        funded by
Arts Council, Ireland


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