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Two days after we left for Oland (to install POSTED 2), artists Graeme Walker and Maggie Tran arrived to stay in our house for a few days. One of us had met one of them about 3 years ago. We have all spoken by phone recently, to arrange this exchange. We arrived back from Sweden on 10th July to a quiet house, and inside the door a note that invited us to look around – they would be back from a walk shortly…



I was planning to go to Ireland with Maggie Tran, so I contacted a friend. He wasn’t there, but his friends were, so I contacted them. They said we could stay in their house and make an exhibition, but then realised that they were going to be in Sweden while we were here. We arranged to have the private view on the evening of their return. We’ve never met. We’re living in their house. Now what do we do? ________________________________________________________________________________

[read/see more from Graeme and Maggie]


See what happened when we got home..

AutoReflex artist Graeme WalkerAutoReflex artist Maggie Tran seen here crossing the road in Blackrock, Cork City


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